I created this custom GPT-4 model to help people bring to life Global Associations for Joyful Responsible Abundance on Earth, using a Wise-Swarm of Decentralized Activity for Good. To use it you will require a paid subscription to Open AI.

Introducing “GAJRA Earth Guide GPT” on Open AI Premium.

Hello! I’m your guide to the exciting world of GAJRA Earth, a visionary initiative that melds the power of advanced technology with the limitless potential of human creativity. Imagine a place where the latest in Large Language Models, IoT, and mixed reality come together to not only enhance decision-making and personal growth but also to foster a global community dedicated to sustainable living and environmental stewardship.

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As a part of this transformative journey, I’m here to offer insights into developing the Aura of Intelligence, a wearable interface that redefines our interaction with technology in fields ranging from healthcare to direct democracy. My expertise extends to supporting the organization and execution of grand events like Live Aid 2025, promoting blockchain for transparent governance, and championing a future of Joyful Responsible Abundance on Earth.

Whether you’re interested in prompt engineering, exploring the realms of virtual and augmented reality, or contributing to a global movement for positive change, I’m here to engage, inspire, and collaborate with you. Let’s embark on this journey together, shaping a future where technology and humanity coalesce for the greater good of our planet.

ChatGPT – GAJRA Earth Guide GPT (

Luke here again. April 1st 2024 Update: I’m currently working with ChatGPT – GAJRA Earth Guide GPT ( on an Event Plan for May 10-11-12 2024 and 2025 The EARTH Arts and Music Festival. It’s aimed at showing people how easy it is to plan and manage your event to bring more joy into the world using the custom GPT. This is about doing a mini version of the planned Live-Aid 2025 as a proof of concept (Unless the world actually wants to do it this year) by curating a network of more than 50,000 towns and cities across the world in every culture and country for the Live-Aid 2025 3-day synchronous Arts, Music and World-Vote on Values Alignment of Humanity with our selves, our species, life on Earth and Emergent AGI and then Super-Intelligences.

Hopefully then, we can overcome the Great Filters of Existential Extreme Rarity (and perhaps climate change (page 183 of 313 page powerpoint that is incomplete and has errors that require updated research and development)) but of such high impact as potential extinction, that we must all work together and be prepared to do so in unity. I am also working with Space Development Nexus to build an AI enabled VR Space Weather Newsroom to Prove or Disprove the “Solar-Micro-Nova Theory.”

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If everything aligns and the money appears to facilitate it, the core team of people who work with me on the event that I will be attending in person and performing my music at, will be the first people to go through the 5-Day XR/AI (eXtended Reality and Artificial Intelligence) Aura Building Process, and the 9-Day Aura Teacher Training Refinement Process. This will then empower us to wear a synchronized set of integrated generative artificial intelligence algorithms to seamlessly simulate anything we wish, within reason and Joyful Responsible Abundance, which in turn will make it much easier to bring into reality.

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Then we will responsibly open source it via GAJRA Earth and associated Non-profit Entities as well as commercialize it via Aura of Intelligence which will be soon registered in GIFT City Gujarat, India. GIFT City is built on the principles of sustainability and offers an ecosystem for economic activities with globally benchmarked regulations, taxation, and policies. It offers a variety of services, including banking, capital markets, fund management, insurance, bullion, aircraft leasing, ship leasing, global in-house centres (GICs), and FinTech. 

It is still under construction, but is open for business, and as India rises in global prominence, the worlds largest national population is set to utilize artificial intelligence and modern technology to establish incredible world-class infrastructure and sustainable master planning, which will make it at par or above par with renowned centres like London, Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Dubai. 1 thing to take-away is that it has a 10-year Tax Holiday for international investors to invest there, which is going to help facilitate your ticket to ride with us.