What is Joyful Responsible Abundance for you when you consider your life and times on the planet of Earth?

Did you experience Joyful Responsible Abundance often throughout your life so far?

Think about some moments in time when you were experiencing either want and need, or excess and waste…

Now consider what those moments could have been like, if you were in a virtual reality simulation of that memory, and you could apply a wish to make those moments into Joyful Responsible Abundance.

And what of the future?

What could a future reality of Joyful Responsible Abundance be like for you and the people you wish to share those moments with?

It is simple thought experiments like these that are at the heart of why I built this website.

I hope, as the future continues to unfold from the everlasting Now, that more of the Human Story on Earth and beyond, shines through the lens of Joyful Responsible Abundance.

Thanks for visiting.

Sincerely and with my greatest regard,

Luke (Catalyst) Nathan Hayes